Retail Merchandising Wall Units
Three of the many planogram projects I worked on for Milani. I managed all aspects of the graphic concept, approval, and production processes for all permanent Milani retail merchandising units. Each project included multiple graphic panels, color ID strips, headers, light boxes, and fixturing units. Other retailers I worked with but not shown here are CVS, Savemart, Dollar Stores, Duane Reade, Sears, and Fred Meyer.

Promotional Displays
I created many promotional or "prepack" displays during my time at Milani. Each display offers a unique opportunity to tell a story and educate the consumer about the product. Besides designing the graphics, I worked one-on-one with the company that created the vaccum-forms to come up with new and exciting ways to display the product.The six pictured above were featured in CVS.

Product Photography / Retouching
One goal I set for myself while working at Milani was to sharpen my product photography and retouching skills. The company was eventually able to bring all product photography in-house. The images above are from Milani's 2011 catalogue.

Blistercard Designs
During my time at Milani I created numerous blistercard designs. These two are for new mascaras that came out in 2012. Aside from being eye-catching, these cards had to effectively communicate the products' attributes to the consumer.

T-Shirt Designs
T-shirt concepts using original illustrations.

Gibson Advertising Campaign
The elements fire, water, and smoke are used here to draw a conceptual connection between the instrument and the extreme emotional states felt while playing or listening to music.

Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier Air Freshener Point of Purchase Displays
These mockups were for the new air freshener line that came out in 2009.

Infuse Package Design
Health and beauty package and branding design.

Sweet Leaf Stationary Design
Sweet Leaf is an organic tea company. The logo and materials used communicate their eco-friendly, health conscious corporate identity.

Portfolio Magazine
This quarterly publication is produced by the Art Institute to promote the top students, faculty, student work and alumni that the school has to offer. I was part of a small team chosen from my class to work on this project. We designed the magazine, wrote the copy, and did all the photography and image manipulation under the direction of the Art Institute Marketing Director.

Milani 2012 Catalog
I managed this project from concept to completion, overseeing multiple designers, an off-site design firm, and an off-site digital retoucher. All product photography was done in-house.

Joan of Arc Poster
This poster for the Global Historical Alliance uses the imagery of the sword, French flag, stained glass, and fire to communicate Joan of Arc's significance as the national heroine of France, a martyr and a saint.

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